Hi, everyone! My name is Kayla. My family and I live in an average town in Northwest, Ohio. Surrounding us are primarily rural, farming communities. I know, “blogs aren’t typical in rural, farming communities”!

My five siblings and I were fortunate enough to grow up outside of town, and have taken many a trip to get closer to nature. It seems as though everywhere we end up, we find some way to explore the great world that God put us here to see.

After graduating high school a few short years ago, I moved on to college. Some of my most sporadic choices came out of that experience, as I am certain the same goes for most! After two short years at my undergraduate university, I moved on to law school. I found at a late (high school) age that the legal field held my heart.

There is something about advocating for something/someone more than yourself that attracts me to the legal field. Likewise, the great abyss that is nature attracts me to the outdoors and its components just the same.

Sitting through my first year graduate classes, I could not help but wonder what more I could do to raise awareness of two of my great passions: the environment and the legal field. We become so lost in our ignorance sometimes, me included, that we forget what is going on around us. Ignorance is bliss, as they always say.

I believe that our greatest ignorance as a society is that encompassed in our actions towards the planet that we call home. This, I do not believe, is because we do not want to know what is going on, but simply because we don’t .

My goal here is to simply make myself and others more aware of the happenings of the environment, what the legal field is doing to counteract the bad, what they are not, and how we all can help.

That being said, I hope you all subscribe to my page as I begin this wonderful journey, and enjoy following me as much as I enjoy learning alongside all of you!

Disclaimer: I do not claim that any legal statements are correct. I am in no way a viable source of legal information, nor will I give any legal advice. All thoughts are my own.

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